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Our commitment 

The importance of a good management product by category is essential for the development of a brand. As we like to offer maximum productivity on the sale and distribution of all products shown, we are committed to providing each of our future suppliers the exclusivity of our portfolio. As a result, we guarantee that each product selected will be unique to its class and that we will provide the necessary attention for it success on Quebec’s market. 

Wines and spirits currently sold at the SAQ,  which notoriety and sales are lessening, or those who  are looking for more competitive performances, will find  in our system  an effective solution to meet their objectives

While using traditional methods of sales, distribution and representation, our efforts are moving in equal percentage with the Web systems of the future for the marketing and selling  of our products. 

The producers of wines and spirits as well as our corporate and restaurants clients, will benefits from our marketing expertise of the use of the latest technology in sales and distribution of imported products. We believe that wines & spirits in our portfolio are worthy of producing the best of sales results. 

FAREVINS philosophy is based on integrity, mutual respect and transparency.


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