FAREVINS promises that your wine will be all about you...

We offer a simple and fast solution and the end result is guaranteed! Indeed, we propose a professional solution for the marketing and communication of the wine to promote. We will post the technical specs sheet of your wines simultaneously  on our social networking business, our web site, partner sites, our blog, and also soon on mobile network. This, providing a complete picture of your wines that will travel easily on all media. We want to thereby, promote dialogue on social networks and encourage our customers to talk about your wines as connoisseurs, as well as to share as much information as possible with their friends.


 Our goals:

-Support and maximize the customer experience;

-Develop a close daily basis with our clients;

-Announce recent partnerships and news in real-time;

                                        -Reach a new kind of  customer;

                              -Publicize our activities and promotions;

                              -Generate direct, fast and efficient sales.


To ensure the vitality of our virtual community, our Web master will make sure to enrich the pages of the FAREVINS site with topics related to "general development of our sales and businesses." 


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